In a move that’s sure to delight legions of tech-savvy dudes who are prone to sexually striking out in actual reality, Wicked Paradise is developing what it calls the world’s first fully immersive erotic virtual reality game.

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Designed for compatibility with the Oculus Rift virtual reality head set, the game — Wicked Paradise — bills itself as a new breed of pornography “erotics arts” intended to titillate a generation who has grown tired of old media’s sexual offerings. “Instead of watching an erotic movie or reading an erotic book in which the main character has exciting sexual adventures, you become that character,” exclaims the game’s website.

Perhaps torching any foothold of creating a forward-thinking product, the company compares the game to Leisure Suit Larry, a vintage computer game that follows the exploits of Larry Laffer, a sleazy middle-aged Lothario fond of double entendres and cornball pickup lines in his often failed attempts to seduce women. “But instead of watching a screen,” the company writes, “you are inside the game.”

“Imagine walking into a bar in Wicked Paradise, noticing a beautiful lady, talking to her and seducing her,” teases the company’s website.

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While there’s no mention yet of the game offering any scenarios other than a male’s horny heterosexual pursuit of a female, perhaps its expected debut in 2014 will prove otherwise, and not reinforce the notion that preying on women and sexual conquest is a game. Until then, it’s pretty clear who Wicked Paradise is marketing itself to.