A children’s rights group in the Netherlands created a computer-generated girl named Sweetie for a sting operation that busted 1,000 online predators trying to exploit young girls in webcam sex chat rooms.

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The organization, Terre des Hommes, designed the virtual child so that, on screen, it looked and moved like a real 10-year-old Filipino girl. The group worked remotely in a warehouse in Amsterdam and posed as Sweetie by signing in to public sex cam chat rooms. Over 10 weeks, the realistic avatar was solicited by more than 20,000 sexual predators.

While controlling Sweetie’s every movement and reply, the sting operators chatted with predators long enough to gather scraps of information and digital footprints to trace their identities. Using photos, names, addresses and videos, the group turned to Google and Facebook to uncover the identities of anonymous pedophiles. Terre des Hommes then gave law enforcement officials the names of 1,000 predators from more than 65 countries, most of whom were from the United States, Britain and India.

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Terre des Hommes posted this video explaining their methods and to show how easy it can be to hunt down webcam sex predators. In effort to pressure government agencies to go after these criminals, the group is now collecting signatures for an online petition.

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Credit: Terre des Hommes

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