In the Internet age, advertising finds new avenues to reach consumers, but with those channels come challenges. The ad agency Buzzman created a choose-your-own-adventure ad called Hunter vs. Bear back in 2010. The ad went viral and has been viewed by almost 20 million people. What was the ad for? Tipp-Ex, a correction fluid/correction tape product in the U.K., similar to Wite-Out here in the United States.

As a follow-up on their previous success, Buzzman created a new choose-your-own-adventure ad for Tipp-Ex called, “Hunter and bear’s 2012 birthday party.” The ad opens with the two characters sharing a birthday cake, when a meteor threatens to end the world. After “tipp-exing” 2012 out of the YouTube title, the user is prompted to enter any year they wish to change their fate. This is where the fun starts …

Click the image above to try the experience

The genius of the ad is the mystery of choice. Users are free to enter any year they want. Make sure you try 2012, 2013 and 2011, but also try -200, -2000, -1,000,000 and -65,000,000. If you’re familiar with world history (from a European point of view), you can try 1492, 1945 and other significant years, but don’t expect anything special from 1776.

All in all, the ad is a really fun experience, which had us laughing and trying dozens of combinations. Make sure you leave your favorite years in the comments so we can all join in the fun!