A photo purporting to show a shark tank spilling onto an escalator turns out to be a hoax.

The image, which has gone viral via Twitter, Facebook and other social media, has been featured with headlines such as, "Shark Tank Collapses at the Scientific Center in Kuwait!"

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Some writers may be banking on the assumption that few westerners have been to this very cool facility and don't know what it actually looks like.

(You can see several videos, like this one, over at YouTube.)

So what is actually shown in the image? The answer: a flooded subway station in Toronto.

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The flood happened earlier this month and received a lot of news coverage, such as this wire service report. The images were pretty dramatic, but did not include sharks. They didn't, that is, until some prankster Photoshopped (or otherwise edited in) some Jaws-looking sharks.

I guess a lot of people believed that the image was legit because the flooding part is for real, giving the photo some sense of veracity.

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