It's safe to say that in today's web-centric world, a good portion of our lives are now spent online. Does this mean we're staying better connected to reality or farther removed?

Depending on how you answer that question, these spectacles will either fill your soul's Silicon Valley with joy or make your toes curl in disgust as you long for a time when people actually lived a gadget-free existence.

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The latest marvel of modern technology comes from Israeli company Lumus with their new product called PD-18-2. Despite its alphanumeric name, making it sound like a long-lost Stars Wars droid, the product is actually a pair of eyeglasses with interactive, browser-equipped lenses that are anything but your grandpa's bifocals.

The transparent lens allow for what Lumus calls 'augmented vision', where high-quality images and graphics can be overlayed on users' field of vision. 

Lumus specialises in what they call Light-guide Optical Element (LOE) technology and have already designed similar products for professional and military use. Their first generation PD-18-1 was designed for pilots, surgeons and soldiers, but the company hopes they can tap consumer markets, if anything to bring a new level of distraction to navigating public life in the age of gadgets.

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Lumus calls their wearable-interfaces "natural looking" and "discreet", but anyone who's ever been to the eye doctor to have their pupils dilated might beg to differ.

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Credit: Lumus