Finally, a 3-D hologram story that has nothing to do with Tupac. Researchers at Queen’s University in Canada have created a life-size pod that allows people to videoconference in 3-D, as if they were standing in front of each other. Think of it as 3-D Skyping.

The pod, dubbed “TeleHuman,” works by having users stand in front of an acrylic, cylindrical pod. Video cameras capture images from all angles, and a computer converts them into a life-size representation of the caller, which is then displayed to the receiver — and vice versa.

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Because the video is captured from all angles, callers can walk around to view all sides of the other person. Similarities between this and Star Trek’s HoloDeck are obvious, but the equipment is more simple than you might guess.

The team created the pods with existing hardware, including a 3-D projector, a translucent acrylic cylinder and a convex mirror. The researchers used the same technology to create an interactive model of the human body that can have layers of tissue peeled to reveal parts of the human anatomy. That project is called Bodipod. Watch the video for more details.


Credit: Queen's University