Sometimes, nature puts on accidental displays of art and magic, and our only option is to watch and marvel. The annual murmurations of starlings are a perfect example.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Every fall, thousands of these birds gather in the sky above Scotland, where they dart and dance in mesmerizing fractals. Even complex math equations can’t explain why or even how the birds manage to swing through the air in such fine-tuned unison, explains Time magazine.

Perhaps they’re just showing off. After all, if I could react with such lightning speed to avoid bonking swarms of birds flying all around me, I’d want to flaunt it, too. Murmuration is the perfect word.

NEWS: Birds Falling From the Sky Not Unusual

The women who captured the kaleidoscopic display on camera express sheer delight after accidentally stumbling upon the birds while canoeing. And their joy at witnessing such a unique occurrence only adds to the viewing pleasure.