A baby Gentoo penguin recently met a human for the first time, and the memorable moment was captured on video.

Blogger and world traveler Joel Oleson was the human in question. Looking at the footage, you have to admire his bravery in the moment, as the curious penguin looks like it could have poked one of Oleson's eyes out if it had chosen to do so.

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The encounter happened on Oleson's recent SharePoint trip to Antarctica. He and his family travel the world on various adventures. According to his blog, members of his family have hiked to Macchu Picchu, floated the Nile in Egypt, rummaged the forests of Guatemala and more.

But Oleson's claim to Internet fame, at least for now, is this penguin video. (In his blog, he discusses how the video went viral, which itself has been a mini adventure.)

Only around 320,000 breeding pairs of Gentoo penguins exist in the world. The colonies exist in the Antarctic Peninsula, and the islands of Falklands, South Georgia, Kerguelen, Heard, South Orkney, Macquarie, Crozet, Prince Edward and South Sandwich.

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Although humans take the penguin's land, steal their eggs, create pollution and do other destructive things, clearly the baby penguin shown in the video did not have such happenings in mind. The penguin was probably just wondering what the heck this big creature is, and can I play with him.

Hopefully the penguin lived to see another day, and is now adding to the world's population of these inquisitive animals with their classic black and white tuxedo look.

You can view more of Oleson's videos at this YouTube page.