Uterine Perfection Found: A numeric ratio that many think expresses perfection has been found in an unlikely place: women's uteruses, reports The Guardian.

The so-called Golden Ratio, which is 1.618, is found all over the human body, and especially in "beautiful people," who tend to have features that are arranged with each other in that ratio.

Using a pair of "golden claw" calipers that always open to that 1.618 ratio to each other, a Belgian gynecologist measured the uteruses of 5,000 women, via ultrasound. His hunch was that, since gynecologists can tell if a uterus is normal by the way it looks, what they were seeing in a normal uterus was actually the Golden Ratio.

After plotting his results, Dr. Jasper Verguts found that the average ratio of a uterus's length to its width is around 2 for babies. The ratio decreases through the different stages of a woman's life, landing at 1.46 in advanced age.

But in the most fertile years, from 16 to 20, the ratio is 1.6, very close to the Golden Ratio. It's a beautiful thing.