U.S. Winning War on Poverty. Wuh?:

According to a new study, appearing just days after the U.S. Census Bureau released numbers showing poverty

in dire conditions, says that, actually, the country is winning its war on poverty, reports The Atlantic.

Between 1970 and 2010, poverty fell 12.5 percent, claims the study, which, instead of looking at income,

looked at household spending, taxes and other government support methods like foodstamps.

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American's poorest county.

The authors — Bruce D. Meyer and James X. Sullivan of the Harris School in Chicago — said that tax cuts

for low-income families, coupled with tax credits for parents and the working poor, were responsible for

the drop in poverty.

The authors didn't suggest that poverty had been beaten by any measure, but that

theirs was a more accurate way to look at it. Overall, in those 40 years, real GDP per person doubled in