Not Near the Top: U.S. students continue to be outperformed by pupils in several East Asian and European countries when it comes to math and science.

Results from two new reports, the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study and the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, show that South Korea and Singapore lead the way when it comes to fourth grade math scores.

The United States, meanwhile, ranked 11th in fourth-grade math and 9th in eighth-grade math.

When it comes to science, U.S. students ranked 7th in fourth-grade and 10th in eighth-grade science. Singapore and Taiwan were the leaders in eighth-grade science.

The average scores of American students wasn't that much lower than average scores of students in the leading countries, but the top performers from other countries far outperformed U.S. students.

In reading, U.S. students fared a bit better, ranking sixth, behind Hong Kong and Russia and other countries.

One factor that seemed to always influence scores was whether or not students had attended a pre-K program — those who had consistently scored higher in tests during later years.