What’s the best way to avoid weird eye contact and unintentional glancing while standing at a urinal? Play a hands-free video game. (After all, hands are otherwise occupied.) Captive Media’s hands-free video game was first shown off at the Exhibit Bar in South London. It’s a 12-inch LCD screen with integrated sensors mounted on top of a urinal. When not in use, the screens display ads until someone walks up and unzips. Once he does, the urinal switches to game mode. Users by steering and adjusting their flow.

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When they're “relieved,” the screen displays a score and compares it to other players. Captive Media has even set up an online score center where codes from gameplay can be entered and guys can brag about their scores on Facebook and Twitter. Check out the video below to see some enthusiastic British guys (and girls) talk about the game and get a virtual peek into how it works. Speaking of girls, don’t worry ladies, Creative Media is designing a game for us, too. However it’s more geared towards getting through the long lines before you get to the stall. The company has had massive interest from over the world, including in the United States, in various venues like airports, stadiums and of course, bars. The company plans to announce where the urinals will be sold in 2012.

Via: TechWatch

Credit: Creative Media