Unicorn Lair Located in North Korea: Archaeologists from North Korea have discovered a rectangular rock carved with the words, "unicorn lair." The finding, reported by the country's official state news agency, reconfirms the existence of unicorns in Pyonyang. Jo Hui Sung, director of North Korea's history institute, is quoted in the report explaining how the find corroborates information in historical books from the 16th century, proving that Pyongyang in the north was "a capital city of Ancient Korea as well as Koguryo Kingdom."

ANALYSIS: Smokin' Kraken

If you're skeptical that unicorns hail from North Korea, you're not alone. Official news from the totalitarian state has been met with skepticism in the past. In addition to many dubious claims, the state's late leader Kim Jong-il was said to have been born in Baekdu mountain, after his birth was prophesied by a swallow. His birth heralded a double rainbow and a new star in the heavens.