Walk down any street and you're likely to encounter a symphony of car horns, sidewalk chatter and the whir of traffic on wet asphalt. If you've ever wished you could bottle all that noise up and easily turn it into an audio remix, Jun Fujiwara's Re: Sound Bottle has got you covered.

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The Tokyo-based Tama Art University student's playful project is a recording device encased in a smoky bottle. Uncork it, record a sound and a flashing light lets you know it's been captured by the audio database. The recording software will create a remix that will playback every time the bottle is uncorked. Each time it's recorked, the Re: Sound Bottle resets and a new remix can be created. If you want to pause the remix, give the bottle a shake.

"I felt something missing in the habitual use of music

reproduction media, so I thought to create an interactive music

medium that changes," Fujiwara explained on his Vimeo page. "The sounds

that are heard all the time every day carry infinite possibilities

and help us reaffirm the enjoyment of music. I hope people can

experience their own music."

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The design won Fujiwara the Naoki Sakai Prize at the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Design Awards last year. So far, Re: Sound Bottle only exists as a prototype, but there's talk of a Kickstarter campaign to get the device on the market.

via The Verge

Credit: Jun Fujiwara, Vimeo