Wireless charging isn’t an entirely new concept. Power mats have been around for a couple of years now. However, Intel may have simplified the wireless charging idea to the point where it could be a standard feature in future laptops. The company demonstrated a prototype Ultrabook (above) that charges smartphones wirelessly, using a built-in transmitter. When a smartphone, also outfitted with a slim transmitter, is place next to the laptop, it charges — no cords required. A single “ping” chimes when the charging has started.

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 If the prototype turns into an actual product, this could help out travelers, college students and people on the go, to have a reliable plan if their phone battery starts to dwindle. Murmurs along the blog-o-sphere have brought up though, that if this becomes real, it’s going to require lots of cross brand cooperation, and while convincing laptop makers may be an easy sell for Intel, asking phone makers to install the transmitter may be another story.

via The Verge

Credit: Intel