'Ugly' Foods Making the Cut: After one of the worst harvests in recent memory, grocery store chains are being forced to relax their visual standards, reports The Guardian.

"Knobbly carrots, wonky spuds, bent courgettes and discolored cauliflowers will return to supermarket shelves," said the article. As the second largest grocer in the U.K., Sainsbury's could command the most "cosmetic" fruits and vegetables for their stores. Now, as farmers struggle to grow food successfully, the stores are being forced to sell the less-than-attractive bits.

Many in the business of food production and farming applaud the efforts; as rejecting food on the grounds of appearance when it is perfectly nutritious can be harmful to growers and creates an unnatural price market for consumers.

According to the piece, the British have changed their food consumption behaviors since the recession began, throwing out 13% less food today than 5 years ago. via The Guardian