When Maria Jones-Elliot of Waterford, Ireland, was just 23 weeks pregnant, her water broke. She was carrying twin girls and doctors were worried about the survival of the babies. Despite the odds, one of the babies, Amy, was born. That was June 1, 2012. Amy was four months premature and weighed a little more than one pound. But the other baby stayed in the womb.

Maria and her husband Chris were filled with angst about the second baby, but decided to let “nature take its course." Three months later, doctors induced delivery and little Katie was born on Aug. 27.

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Today, the babies are healthy and happy, and their tumultuous entry into the world could be a Guinness World Record. If the time span between births is confirmed to be 87 days, the span of time will break the Guinness World Record title for longest interval between birth of twins. That record is held by Peggy Lynn of Huntingdon, Penn., who gave birth to daughter Hanna and son Eric 84 days apart between 1995 and 1996.