Back in November 2012, Twinkies manufacturer Hostess announced it was going out business, prompting junk food enthusiasts to buy out remaining boxes from grocery stores and sell them for up to $200,000 on EBay. If you paid any more than a couple of dollars for one of these iconic American snack cakes, you’ll be oh so sad to learn that you’re money was not well spent.

BLOG: R.I.P. Twinkies

Hostess is back up and running under new ownership and says Twinkies will be rolling out onto shelves starting July 15. The new company has fewer baked goods items under its roof, as products like Wonder Bread, Devil Dogs and Yodels were sold when the company went out of business. With a more streamlined structure and non-union employees, Hostess should be able to make a profit and stay in business, its new owners told USA Today.

Credit: Evan Sklar/Getty Images