Twheel App: Free 

When scrolling through a Twitter feed, it’s easy to do the old “scan 'n skip” without really knowing what you read. There are so many tweets and so much information to process that it's hard to focus on each and absorb what’s being said. Twheel is a self-proclaimed “brain-friendly” app because it arranges tweets in a circle by importance.

The idea for this app came from an unexpected place: cognitive research. Chairman of Fluid Interaction Kristian Lukander explained on the developer's website, "Twheel does not curate or filter information, but reshapes the way data is displayed based on our understanding of human cognition." 

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The arranged wheel of tweets changes from orange to gray as the user circulates through the content. A white bar creeps up the rung of a tweet to show how popular it’s been or how many times it’s been retweeted. By swiping through each bubbled icon on the circle you can easily sift through and read the tweets you want, one at a time. A quick tap gives you the option to retweet, reply, favorite or write a tweet of your own. We tested it out and have to admit it's fun to use. It sort of slows down the pace of Twitter and gives you the chance to actually read those 140-character stories. If that appeals to you, check it out for free in the iPhone App Store.

via Wired UK

Credit: Fluid Interaction