If you feel like your Twitter rage falls on deaf ears, why not punctuate your next tweet by virtually squeezing the trigger of a paintball gun?

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Just include the hashtag #ISLPaint on your next tweet and IStrategyLabs’ PaintBot will rip off a shot in your honor. Set up in the offices of the social media agency, the automated paintball gun is linked to an Arduino controller that’s programmed to respond to the hashtag.

While the stunt is no piece of political art, it does remind me of Wafaa Bilal’s “Shoot An Iraqi” project. But don’t worry, this PaintBot isn’t pointed at anyone — only at what looks to be a dry erase board.

Unfortunately, there’s been some glitches with livestreaming the video, but the folks at IStrategyLabs say they’re ironing out the wrinkles.

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So if you get ticked off today, take out your frustrations in a manner that you won’t regret later. Pull PainBot’s trigger with a tweet. And while you’re doing so, cue up the Beatle’s “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”


Credit: IStrategyLabs