Tsunami Dock Off Washington Coast?:

A dock, possibly debris from Japan following the tsunami on March 11, 2011, has washed ashore along a remote, rocky beach in Washington state. A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew located the dock yesterday inside Olympic National Park, between La Push and the mouth of the Hoh River. A fishing boat on Friday had alerted the Coast Guard to the dock's arrival in Washington waters, sighting it 16 nautical miles northwest of Grays Harbor, Wash.

The Washington's Marine Debris Task Force is currently developing a plan on how to reach the dock and investigate its origins and any possible invasive species it may be harboring.

In June, a 66-foot-long dock from the Japan tsunami washed onto the Oregon coast. Another dock was seen off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, in September, but it is unknown yet whether it was the same one that has now washed ashore in Washington.

Anyone sighting large marine debris should report it to NOAA via email to: DisasterDebris@noaa.gov.