TSA Thwarts Kidnappers: A woman whose "friends" turned into her kidnappers was rescued at Miami International Airport by TSA agents, reports CNN.

The woman had traveled to Miami from New Jersey with four friends when it all started to go badly wrong. Two of the women got drunk and started to abuse her, punching her in the face, stealing her valuables and debit card, and withdrawing money on it.

TSA officials noticed the 25-year-old trying to hide her facial injuries and acting fearful at a security checkpoint and asked her several if she was okay, until she broke down and said she was being kidnapped.

"Our officers recognized that the woman was in danger and acted immediately to protect her," CNN reported Mark Hatfield, the TSA's federal security director for Miami International Airport, as saying.

The two women — Tori Beato, 19, of Secaucus, N.J., and Melissa Pineiro, 25, of North Bergen, N.J. — were arrested. via CNN Justice