“Half dirt bike. Half skateboard. Half tank. 1.5x awesome!”

As promotional tag lines go, that’s pretty good, right?

The slogan refers to the new Triborg electric skateboard, which is rethinking the very architecture of off-road shredding.

Gyroscope Skateboard Acts Like a Hoverboard with a Wheel

While plenty of other all-terrain skateboards are already out there on the trails, the Triborg takes a radical new approach to design. (And when dealing with skateboarders, we don’t take the term “radical” lightly.) By using a single center drive wheel in the back, the board promises a whole new kind of action that designers say is unique in the skateboarding world.

The placement of the rear drive wheel between the rider’s feet means the Triborg uses the same principles of centrifugal force as a motorcycle or gyroscope. The new design also makes the Triborg stronger and more durable, designers say, thanks to the dirt-bike style rear suspension.

Like other electric skateboards, the Triborg uses a handheld throttle control with braking mechanism. Steering is handled the traditional way, by leaning into turns. The laser-cut aluminum frame provides rigidity while protecting the internal electronics.

Skateboard Is All Wheels

Based out of Lansing, Mich., the Triborg team estimates about a 20-mile range on the Triborg, with a maximum speed of around 20 mph. The 24-volt lithium battery pack also has an auxiliary output jack for emergency charging of your other devices — smart phone, camera, camping equipment.

Check out the video below, and you can see how the three-wheel design accommodates a different range of motion. The Triborg has an extremely tight turning radius, and by putting the drive wheel in front of the rear foot, riders can easily wheelie the front of the board over obstacles.

The company is currently taking pre-orders and hopes to have the first models out by the end of the summer. No official word on pricing, but early bird Kickstarter backers can get on the first-run list for a pledge of $2,350.