With sails made from old advertising banners and solar panels lining its decks of recycled composite plastic and wood, the sleek little trimaran launched from Taipei last week in celebration of World Ocean’s Day has become a floating trash heap sensation.

"We have used 100 percent trash materials to make this boat," Katsu Huang, marketing associate for the boat's builder Miniwiz Sustainable Energy Development Ltd, told Discovery News.

The seven-meter (23-foot) boat uses Miniwiz's trademark plastic Polli-bricks for floatation. The interlocking plastic material has multiple air pockets and made from common recylced PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

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The deck is made from waste canvas and a newly developed wood-plastic composite. The wood-plastic composite is meant to replace fiber reinforced plastic, which is unrecyclable and toxic during the manufacturing process, according to Miniwiz's website.

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The boat was launched as part of a competition sponsored by the National Geographic Channel. The Polli-boat was one of ten selected out of nearly 200 entries completing to be the most innovative boat made from recycled materials.


IMAGES: The Polli-Boat (with permissin from Miniwiz).