Image via Youtube screengrab.

Tired of your kid sitting in the backseat, telling you when to merge lanes and insisting that that light back there was red? Well now you can put her to the test, without risking your car and your lives. The Backseat Driver iPhone application lets kids get behind the “wheel,” controlling a car that follows the real route you’re driving. The iPhone’s GPS allows the app to track the real-time movements of your car, creating a digital route that mimics your own.

To make things a bit more interesting for the player, there are objects to pick up for extra points. Some of these are based on the actual landmarks you drive by: a tooth for a dentist’s office, a coffe cup for a cafe, etc. With the points, kids can customize their rides, and even share their scores on Twitter (are kids on Twitter now?).

Check out the demo video:

Backseat Driver, developed by Toyota’s ToyToyota branch, is free in the App Store.