From the picture, the bike doesn’t look especially remarkable. The design is simple and sleek, but only one thing gives away what makes it so incredible: the lack of gear shifts on the handlebars. And no, this isn’t a single speed: you can’t see the gear shifts because they’re in your mind.

That’s right, the Toyota Prius Project Concept Bike, a collaboration of Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Deeplocal and Parlee Cycles, comes with a special, EEG-powered helmet that lets you shift gears just by thinking about it. Along with a special dock for you smart phone so you can keep track of your heart rate, speed and distance traveled while your mind is on other things (like shifting gears), the PXP is the bike of the future.

John Watson, who was in on the project and followed the bike’s development from start to finish on his blog Prolly is Not Probably, writes of the bike’s potential:

This really opens up doors to even further integration. For example, implementing GPS could allow the rider to record data at specific moments, future programming the bike to shift on its own: the definition of intelligence. Of course the rider would be able to override these commands but just addressing these possibilities open new doors to technology and cycling.

Deeplocal designed the helmet and smartphone app, Parlee built the bike itself. The only terrible part about the bike is that it’s not on the market- yet. Watson says that the this first model is just a starting point, and that the PXP “is now being prepped to be sent around the world.”