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"Dive" by Tycho (Image courtesy Ghostly International)

Finish your holiday shopping already. The roads are crazy, the shops are overrun so it's time to head online for some instant digital purchases. Might I suggest you shoot some space music down their e-stockings?

Here are just a few prime choices for this holiday season:

"Dive" by Tycho

One of my favorite records of the year, this dreamy album from San Francisco-based electronic artist Scott Hansen delivers an overall feeling of cosmic, Kodachrome nostalgia. Featuring a mix of synth and live instrumentation, the tracks move through that upbeat, ambient IDM zone that we typically associate with such artists as Boards of Canada and Helios.

I have no idea if Tycho adopted his moniker from the famed 16th century astronomer, but you certainly feel the machinations of the cosmos as you plug into "Dive." Hansen also produced the album's excellent artwork.

Tycho – Hours [Dive LP - Nov. 2011] by Tycho

"Out There" by the Heliocentrics

Sticking with the astronomy theme, consider this excellent 2007 album from the UK-based Heliocentrics. Imagine if an alien civilization intercepted our jazz, funk and afro-beat sounds, and then transmitted it all back to us as a cryptic sonic message. That's "Out There" in a nutshell and a few scattered sci-fi samples really seal the deal. And if you'd rather take things a little more hip-hop, then check out Sirius B, which features some of the same instrumentation with the vocal talents of Percee P, MF DOOM and Guilty Simpson.

Heliocentrics distant-star-instrumental by dsn757

"Clutch it like a Gonk" by Moon Wiring Club

If you like your music dreamy, haunting and weird then do check out the sonic styling of Ian Hodgson's Moon Wiring Club project. He recently released a wondrous mix for FACT Magazine, full of ghostly sounds, Victorian ghosts, Doctor Who and whispers of alien Newtonians. His latest album, "Clutch it Like a Gonk" is only available on CD at the moment (and comes with buttons!), but several other Moon Wiring Club albums are ready for instant, digital delivery right here.

Moon Wiring Club – Churchyard Style by Sound Injections

I've covered a number of artists in the space music series, most of which have various digital items out there for purchase. So here are a few quick links to posts about the artists and an accompanying link to a fine space music gift choice:

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