Silence is golden, but can also drive you crazy! Chances are you've never experienced absolute quiet, but those who have report hallucinations and feelings of insanity. Laci Green tells us why and how this can happen.

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"The Trouble With Background Noise"
"Everyday background noise, whether it is a neighbor's television or passing aircraft, can have a disruptive effect on people's cognitive learning and unconscious physiological processes, says a study in the International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health."

"The Quietest Place on Earth Will Drive You Insane Within 45 Minutes"
"There's a small room in Minnesota that blocks out 99% of all external sound."

"Study shows background noise affects test scores"
"A new study presented at the 162nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America shows that students testing scores are negatively affected by background noise, but not the noise you would expect."

"Bring the noise: has technology made us scared of silence?"
"Drawing on six years (2007-12) of observations from 580 undergraduate students, it can be reasonably argued that their need for noise and their struggle with silence is a learnt behaviour."

"Impacts of classroom acoustics on elementary student achievement"
"Noise masking occurs when one sound covers up another sound, making it more difficult or even impossible for you to hear and understand the masked sound."

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