Images courtesy Ford/Honda

What you drive may tell how you will vote this election season according to a new survey by automotive ranking and comparison site Total Car Score. According to their findings, GOP supporters lean towards trucks while the Dems opt more for economy/compact cars.

The results show that 29 percent of consumers identified as Republicans/conservatives drive pickups (such as the Ford F-150) while 27 percent of those identified as Democrats/liberals are found behind the wheel of an econobox (perhaps a Honda Civic).

Interestingly, the study showed hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles the least popular with both groups, ranking behind minivans with the Democrats, and of the two political groups, Republicans are the least likely to be caught driving a hybrid by more than a 2-to-1 margin.

“While the most popular vehicle type for each political group is very different, the SUV/Crossover segment is the second most-driven vehicle category for both Republicans (20 jpercent) and Democrats (18 percent),” said Karl Brauer, Editor-in-Chief of Total Car Score. “This explains why the SUV/Crossover segment has grown so much over the past 12 years. This segment has successfully crossed party lines and brought the two groups together – far more successfully than the many politicians who claim to have that skill set.”