Torso in a Captain’s Chair:

A sponge fisherman in the Florida Keys reported seeing the skeletal torso of a person seated in a captain’s chair about 3 feet under the water off of Archer Key, reports NBC Bay Area. The Monroe County Sheriff’s office pulled up the chair and found this picture to the right, which turned out to be a fake skeleton. NBC reports, “Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Becky Herrin said this is probably the first time they found a fake skeleton,” though they have found sunken mannequins. (3:25 p.m.) via Underwater Times

Shopping Bag is Emergency Helmet: Eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags are in wide use. Now, some shopping bags are going one step further by offering some head protection during an earthquake. The Grappa, designed by a Japanese firm, contains the same foam material used in hard hates to absorb impacts. In the event of an emergency, pull the bag over your head. A mesh side allows visibility, while the foam material protects your head from falling debris. (10:28 a.m.) via DigInfoTV

You Are Your Dog: Are you outgoing? Chances are if you own a dog, it’s something like a German shepherd or collie or bulldog. Those of you who don’t like to rock the boat may be more inclined to own a greyhound or beagle. And for those who embrace change, “toy” breeds such as Chihuahuas may be more your thing. That’s according to new research by The Kennel Club and Bath Spa University that asked 1,000 dog owners to complete an online questionnaire about personality traits and the kind of dog they own. Their conclusion is that people tend to choose their breed of dog based on their own personality. What does your dog say about you? (8:24 a.m.) via Press Association

Colorado Campus Tries to Smoke-Out 420 Rally: Is it possible to smoke-out those who are smoked out? The University of Colorado at Boulder is going to give it a try. Last year’s 420 rally, a flash mob of marijuana smokers, drew 10,000 students and non-students. This year the university has applied a stinky fish fertilizer around the quad to deter people from meeting at the rally spot. They have also closed the campus today to all unauthorized visitors. And instead of hanging out and smoking weed why not attend the free concert at 4:20 pm with Haitian-born hip-hop star Wyclef Jean? (6:34 a.m.) via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Image Courtesy of Monroe County Sheriff’s Office