The Lamborghini Countach. Photo: Kim Sayer/CORBIS

The name of this famous Lamborghini says it all. Legend has it that when the factory workers first saw the car, one of them exclaimed “countach” – the local Piedmontese word for “wow.” And “wow!” is right- the Countach was a real head turner, unlike anything else on the road when it was first produced in 1974. The wide, low, angular model featured scissor doors and was among the earliest super cars.

The tires on the Countach were nearly double the average size, so the frame had to be built around them- part of the explanation for the unique result. The original $150,000 price tag didn’t to much to slow demand, especially since only three models were produced each week.

The fastest sports car of the day had its shortcomings, though. To safely back up, the driver needed to open his door and lean out, just to get a decent view of what was going on behind him.