This Sunday kicks off the ninth annual Puppy Bowl, Keith Barraclough/DCL

Things get off to a fast start.Keith Barraclough/DCL

There's a flag on the field: Excessive chewing.Keith Barraclough/DCL

Working out sore muscles.Keith Barraclough/DCL

New this year: Hedgehogs on the field with pompoms.Keith Barraclough/DCL

It's getting a little chippy out there.Keith Barraclough/DCL

Kitty half time show during Puppy Bowl IXKeith Barraclough/DCL

More kittens in the spotlight.Keith Barraclough/DCL

Something's got this kitten's attention at the 20 yard line.Keith Barraclough/DCL

Kitten down--call the trainer.Keith Barraclough/DCL

Suit up, you're going in for Kaepernick. Keith Barraclough/DCL

Racing down the sideline...Keith Barraclough/DCL

Broken play...Keith Barraclough/DCL

Puppies get in a little extracurricular activity.Keith Barraclough/DCL

And they're good ... dogs!Keith Barraclough/DCL

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