How Much Boob is Too Much Boob? A paparazzi waits outside a restaurant, hoping to photograph the briefest hint of a pop singer’s bosom — her “sideboob” is plastered across gossip blogs within the hour.

A photoshoot features an American Apparel-esque swimsuit model… and behold! There’s her sideboob.

The “sideboob phenomenon” seems to plague the world’s celebrities — are the sideboob sightings a mistake? A blouse design flaw? Or are they delibrate; a means of showing “a little too much, but not quite enough” boob? This question likely confounds teenage boys around the world. And now, to celebrate the sideboob, HuffPo has an entire section of their site devoted to the phenomenon. But is it a joke? Or is it serious reporting? Why is everyone talking about this? Why am I talking about it? Must be the mystical power of the sideboob. via The Guardian and HuffPo’s “Sideboob” section