When it comes to weight loss, it might just be those over-sized plates and bowls you're eating from that's your problem. Trace explains a whole new idea behind a cause for overeating.

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How Much Time Do Americans Spend Eating?
"We all have the same 24 hours in a day and must decide how to spend those hours. Time-use decisions in the short run can have long-run consequences."

Size Matters: Why Do People Eat Less When They Have Big Forks?
"Larger portion sizes usually mean we eat more food, but according to new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, bigger bites lead to eating less -- in restaurant settings."

US Obesity Due To Over Eating, Study
"Scientists using a new way to look at data concluded that the main reason that obesity has risen sharply in the United States in recent decades is predominantly because of over-eating rather than lack of physical activity."

The Perils of Large Plates: Waist, Waste, and Wallet
"Recent research by Professors Brian Wansink and Koert van Ittersum explored how a well established optical illusion leads us to make inaccurate estimates of serving size, depending on what size plate they are presented on."

Larger Bowl Size Increases the Amount of Cereal Children Request, Consume, and Waste
Objective: To examine whether larger bowls bias children toward requesting more food from the adults who serve them.

Size matters: Why do people eat less when they have big forks?
"Larger portion sizes usually mean we eat more food, but according to new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, bigger bites lead to eating less-in restaurant settings."

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