Dr. Evil would like this one: Two designers are proposing a sneaky lid design for trash cans that lures fruit flies in and then traps them.

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Fruit flies start out innocuous enough but, as any biologist knows, their rapid reproduction means they can quickly take over a kitchen when left alone.

The trash lid design, appropriately called Fly Catcher, comes from Chang Shih-hsun and Hung Jui-yuan. Slits on the bottom would allow trash smell to rise up, attracting the flies, according to Yanko Design’s Radhika Seth. Small openings on the top of the lid let the flies in, but this is a one-way ride.

Once inside, the fruit flies would starve to death. A clear acrylic window in the lid lets you make sure they’ve all stopped moving before emptying the contents. Last year the duo won a Red Dot award for the design. While I’m not a fan of trash smells wafting around, a fly-trapping lid might be ideal for countertop compost containers.

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My own way to combat fruit flies is low-tech: putting juice or leftover wine in a glass with water and liquid dish detergent. The flies go for the sweetness and get stuck in the soap. I’m not sure whether it’d be more effective than a Fly Catcher lid, but it’s certainly easy. And maybe a tiny bit nicer than waiting for them to starve.

Chang Shih-hsun and Hung Jui-yuan via Yanko Design