Leaky Launch Pad: With rocket launches, things can go really well (i.e. they get their payloads into space) or they can go really, really bad (i.e. they explode). Fortunately the South Koreans were able to avoid the latter on Friday when the launch of their half home-built/half Russian rocket was aborted due to a gas leak at the launch pad.

NEWS: S. Korea Rocket Explodes After Lift Off

This is the third attempt by the nation to get a satellite into orbit from a rocket launched from their own soil — an act that would no doubt boost national pride, yet increase tensions with long-time enemy North Korea.

The North has been trying to launch their own rocket for years, a feat that Pyongyang insists is for peaceful purposes. The international community has accused the regime of testing rocket systems for a possible nuclear missile system.

Although Friday’s attempt was a setback, South Korea space agency chief Kim Seung-jo thinks another launch attempt will happen in 3 days. The last launch attempt in 2010 ended catastrophically, so it pays to be cautious this time round. via AFP