Zike Saber Freestyle Scooter (Photo: Zike)

The mainstream bicycle has remained virtually unchanged for more than 200 years (not counting the downsizing of that giant front wheeled “Penny-farthing” so popular among derby-wearing, handle-bar mustachioed, 19-century riders), so the designers at Zike decided it was time for a radical rethink.

With 34 patents pending on its products, Zike calls its new invention a “freestyle scooter,” but it looks more like the love child of a bicycle and a stair-stepper. The handlebars, frame, tires and 7-speeds are pure BMX, but the chain that drives the wheels is attached, not to pedals, but to a pair of steppers. So now you can take your favorite piece of gym equipment on the road. A little up and down motion from you not only provides locomotion, but hits your lower body and cardio system in a way your usual bike can’t. (Those of you who like to coast while heading down hills will notice, there’s no seat to rest on.) But then you weren’t planning on resting, were you?

Available for $399 in 10 colors exclusively on Zike.net. And if you want to get your kids out there and getting fit too, the Zike also has the Hotshot (ages 5-9), Flyby (ages 8-10), and Slingshot (ages 10 and up).