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Gender in Jeopardy! Intonation Variation on a Television Game Show
"Uptalk is the use of a rising, questioning intonation when making a statement, which has become quite prevalent in contemporary American speech. Women tend to use uptalk more frequently than men do, though the reasons behind this difference are contested. I use the popular game show Jeopardy! to study variation in the use of uptalk among the contestants' responses, and argue that uptalk is a key way in which gender is constructed through interaction."

Men Feel Threatened By Successful Girlfriends, Confirming What We Hoped Wasn't True
"A scientific study has confirmed something many of us hoped wasn't true -- that men feel threatened by their female partners' success."

"Uptalk": How men and women use it differently
"You may have noticed this linguistic trend in America: People, and especially women, often use a rising intonation at the end of their sentences, even when they're not asking a question."

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Do You Sound Tall?

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