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Neurobiologists find chronic stress in early life causes anxiety, aggression in adulthood
"In recent years, behavioral neuroscientists have debated the meaning and significance of a plethora of independently conducted experiments seeking to establish the impact of chronic, early-life stress upon behavior - both at the time that stress is experienced, and upon the same individuals later in life, during adulthood."

Extended Effect of Chronic Social Defeat Stress in Childhood on Behaviors in Adulthood
"Individuals exposed to social stress in childhood are more predisposed to developing psychoemotional disorders in adulthood."

Arrested Development: How Brain Damage Impairs Moral Judgement
"Would you lie on your income tax return to save money for your struggling family?"

'Grrreat' Ads Can Make Kids Loyal To Brands For Life
"'What's learned early is learned well' is especially true when it comes to brand loyalty. Early exposure to ads featuring fun characters can lead to biases later in life."

How Childhood Advertising Exposure Can Create Biased Product Evaluations That Persist into Adulthood;=4&sid;=21103772480507
"A large body of research has investigated how children understand and deal with advertising as they age."

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How Fiction Makes Your Brain Better
TestTube Wild Card;_medium=DNews&utm;_source=YT
Can A Brain Injury Make You a Genius?


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