Video game company Activision unveiled its new state-of-the-art real-time graphics during the 2013 Game Developers Conference on Wednesday. The graphics are so real, you might leap across the uncanny valley.

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Jorge Jimenez, Activision’s real-time graphics R&D; expert, wrote on his blog that the work “represents to us the culmination of many years of work in photorealistic characters.”

Want to know how Jimenez achieves such a life-like resolution? Though details are sparse about his “next generation” of character rendering, he writes “each detail is the secret for achieving reality.” According to a blog post last year, it takes a whole lot of digital elbow grease:

These last months I’ve learned a very important lesson: efforts towards rendering ultra realistic skin are futile if they are not coupled with HDR, high quality bloom, depth of field, film grain, tone mapping, ultra high quality models, parametrization maps, high quality shadow maps and a high quality antialiasing solution. If you fail on any of them, the illusion of looking at a real human will be broken.

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See for yourself and check out the video here. Trust me, we’ve come a long way since 8-bit graphics.

via Mashable

Credit: Activision