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Mexico's 'Water Monster' The Axolotl May Have Vanished From Natural Habitat
"Biologists says most recent attempt to net creature in the Xochimilco network of lakes resulted in none being found."

Wild Beaver Spotted in England For First Time in 800 Years
The rare sighting could mark a return for the mammal which is popular across the rest of Europe."

Animal Crossing Crazy

THe IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

European Large Carnivores: A Surprising Success Story
"The latest issue of the IUCN European Newsletter sheds light on Europe's large carnivores, presenting the threats they have to face and examples of success stories in their conservation."

How Extinction Works
Based on analysis of the fossil record, researchers estimate that most species on Earth have an overall life span of about 10 million years."

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Extinct Animals Coming Back
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Are Men Becoming Extinct?


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