If I mention McDonald's fries, there's a chance your mouth will start watering. They've long been billed as "America's favorite fries," but now that's less emphasized. Instead, there are lots of rumors and conjecture surrounding their preparation, so McDonald's Canada decided to create this video opening up the process.

What makes me smile is the thick Canadian accents and the stiff politeness, but also it's promising when a corporation opens up their manufacturing to scrutiny; even when it's a tightly controlled public relations piece.

As far as criticisms, the salt demonstration, while simple, is slightly misleading. The CDC says we only require 180-500 milligrams of sodium per day. The amount of salt in a single medium fry? It's 270 milligrams, according to McDonald's own nutritional facts. Additionally, when I presented this video to a fast food expert, he first noticed that "they cleaned the oil." In reality, fryer oil is changed as often as every couple of days, but perhaps as little as once a week. The expert, who requested anonymity, said, "in theory you filter (the oil) daily, then change it weekly or so." In this video, the oil has either been cleaned or changed, which makes for a better look for the public.

McDonald's Canada has pioneered the use of video and transparency and I, for one, am all for it. Just keep in mind, they want to show themselves in the best light, so enjoy, but make sure you take the video with a grain of salt. Pun intended.

via Alltop

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