On Thursday, something awesome happened.

Using his knowledge of the cosmos and combining it with unparalleled internet-fu, Fraser Cain, founder of the Universe Today space blog, turned his attention to Google+ to see how this brand new social platform might be able to further the reach of space science.

Using the G+ Hangouts feature, Fraser called in a few of the best-known space journalists, editors, bloggers and all-round great people for a spacey get-together. In attendance was Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy, Discover Magazine), Alan Boyle (Cosmic Log, MSNBC), Nancy Atkinson (Universe Today), Pamela Gay (Astronomy Cast), Nicole Gugliucci (Discovery News), Jon Voisey (Universe Today) and me!

The best thing about G+ Hangouts is that you can do a live video conference and field questions from other G+ users. Although Thursday’s Hangout was an experiment, we all had a great time discussing everything from exoplanets, 2012 doomsday (or lack thereof), the importance of debunking false claims, the atmosphere of Titan, a nosediving Phobos-Grunt and much more.

And the best thing? Here’s a recording of the event!

We’re going to try to make this a weekly Hangout, so be sure to check in every Thursday at 10am PST (1pm EST). Also, follow Fraser on G+ as he’ll be the guy with the details of how to join the Hangout when we go live next time. And while you’re at it, follow me on G+ too.