A group of Danish programmers has come up with the ultimate hands-free set: tracking eye movements to interact with tablets and smart phones.

Eye tracking has already been proposed as a way to tailor

advertisements by tracking how long a viewer lingers on a given part of the

screen. That technology is still in the future. But it isn’t hard to envision

using eye tracking to move a cursor, and essentially take the place of the finger-swipe.

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That’s what The Eye Tribe

(formerly known as Senseye) did. With some $800,000 in seed money the team came up with software that works with an infrared LED and the phone or tablet’s front-facing camera. The LED lights up the eye, and the camera picks up an image that is interpreted by the software to show where the user is looking.

The Eye Tribe says on its web site that it plans to have a working version out in 2013. One thing smart phones and tablets will need to have is the LEDs, as right now they have to be tacked on for The Eye Tribe’s system to work. That said, a new generation of devices could have it pre-installed.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Laitr Keiows