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Say goodbye to boxed software. Not all, but quite a lengthy list.

Apple resellers received a notification Wednesday that a number of products will no longer come in boxed form, including iWork ’09, Aperture 3, iLife ’11 and Apple Remote Desktop, AppleInsider reported. The company has also decreased the number of games sold at its retail stores from 32 to eight. A larger game catalog is available on the Mac App Store.

This will have implications on Apple’s eco-footprint, eliminating its usage of packaging materials and fuel for shipping. But in addition, AppleInsider said this will clear shelf space and software traditionally is less profitable than devices. Shouldn’t be surprising given Lion, the latest operating system release today, is available on the Mac App Store for $30. Lion, as you might recall, does not come in a boxed form. It is also available for sale on USB for $69 come August.