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Rare, nearly complete triceratops skeleton unearthed in Wyoming
"Underneath the sagebrush and droves of cattle near Newcastle, Wyo., paleontologists have potentially unearthed one of the most complete skeletons of a triceratops ever found."

Morphosaurs: How shape-shifting dinosaurs deceived us
"DINOSAURS were shape-shifters."

Badass Triceratops Cousin Sported Hoodie
"The earliest known cousin of Triceratops was Judiceratops, a newly identified dinosaur that sported a hoodie-like growth on the back of its head."

Brontosaurus Not Real? Dino Is Actually Apatosaurus & Other Misconceptions Continue
"What happened to the Brontosaurus? The beloved dinosaur has been a part of numerous museum exhibits and a big part of pop culture."

How T. Rex Ate Triceratops in 4 Easy Steps
"This is how researchers say a Tyrannosaurus may have feasted on a Triceratops during the age of the dinosaurs."

Whatever Happened to the Brontosaurus?
"There was a time when the dinosaur named Brontosaurus evoked images of a monstrous beast with four legs, a long, graceful neck dragging an even longer tail through primeval swamps."

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