It's a microrobot, inspired by a water-strider bug.

Our sister site TreeHugger delivers all the freshest news on environmental news and culture. Here are items from the past week we thought you’d dig, even if you’ve never recycled.

Tech-y Stuff

Forty years ago, the CIA considered flying a dragonfly lookalike drone. Known as the Insectothopter, it was designed to carry out covert audio-recording missions, but never got to take off.

A 16-year-old South African created a wildlife tracker for an African game reserve. Because, you know, he just hangs out with lions and stuff every morning. Oh, and now Google might buy it.

Clif Bar is running a geo-location Twitter campaign that rewards outdoorsy people for getting outside. Give a try.

A water-strider insect inspired this water-hopping microrobot (above), which could be used to monitor water quality in lakes and other bodies of water.

Looking for a sure way to keep you plants alive? Here’s a DIY project for building a self-watering planter for all your brown-thumbed gadgeteers.

Chew on This

Tomato season is upon us: Try them in a watermelon salad, Moroccan-stuffed, caprese-style, and more in these nine succulent recipes.

One study shows that sustainably fished seafood is also the healthiest.

A Missouri man fought his city for the right to keep his vegetable garden…and won.

Let’s Ride

George Clooney is selling his 2008 Signature 100 electric Tesla Roadster for a Sudan charity. Want it?

Some people LOOOOVE trains. And then there’s this guy. (Could he be Double Rainbow Guy’s cousin?)

The world’s longest wind turbine rotor blade measures 246 feet! That’s big.


Photo: American Chemical Society

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