Black Friday at the Apple store in New York City, 2006. Image: jardenberg/Creative Commons

It might only be the beginning of fall, but some people are already gearing up for Black Friday.

dealnews released its fourth annual predictions on gadget sales for this November, using a methodoogy taking into account how much prices have fallen year to date, this time last year, on Black Friday last year and the year before that.

Before we get to the list, a couple disclaimers from dealnews.

First, these are predictions of the best deals for the Black Friday season. They’re the lowest of the lows, not averages. (See our Methodology section on the last page.) Second, some of these deals will involve mail-in rebates. However, the good news is that most won’t. Best Buy, OfficeMax, and Walmart have long given up on mail-in rebates after numerous customer complaints. Third, we’re predicting that these deals occur during “Black Friday Season,” a dealnews euphemism for mid-November to Cyber Monday.

Now for the fun stuff. (Make a mental note of this list for your holiday shopping in two months.)


  • 32″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $199

  • 40″ to 42″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $319

  • 46″ 1080p LCD TV for $399

  • 55″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $549

  • 55″ 1080p 3D LCD TV for $999

  • 60″ 1080p LCD TV for $699


  • Basic 15″ to 16″ Laptop with dual-core processor for $189

  • Mainstream 15″ to 16″ Laptop with Core i5 CPU & 4GB RAM for $325

  • 17″ desktop replacement with Core i7 & 8GB RAM for $720


  • Free shipping with no minimum at Apple Store online

  • The newest Apple iPods for 5% to 10% off

  • iMac and MacBook computers for 5% to 10% off

  • No deal on the new iPhone 5

  • Deals on refurbished iPhones from Apple and AT&T;

  • Better discounts than Apple from an authorized Apple reseller


  • Motorola XOOM for $319

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ for $239

  • Generic Android 7″ tablets for $75


  • Kindle 3 WiFi eBook reader for $99

  • Nook Color eBook reader $179

  • Bundles with at least a $25 credit

Blu-ray players

  • Blu-ray player with Netflix support for $45

  • Blu-ray movies from $5

  • Roku HD 2 box from $60

Hard drives

  • 1TB external drive for $39

  • 64GB SSD laptop kit for $45

  • 2TB external hard drive for $49

  • 128GB SSD laptop kit for $109

Image: jardenberg/Creative Commons

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