If you were given the opportunity to curate a historical museum about the Internet, what would you include? Now’s your chance to add to the collection of The Big Internet Museum, a virtual hall exhibiting the milestones and memes of the 43-year history of the World Wide Web. The online museum project was created by Dutch advertising pros Dani Polak, Joep Drummen and Joeri Bakker.

The collection begins precisely on October 29 1969, the day when former NASA researcher, Robert William Taylor, launched the ARPAnet operational network for the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The network is widely recognized as the precursor of what we now know as the Internet.

The exhibit concludes with South Korean megastar Psy, whose 2012 song “Gangnam Syle” became the first video to tally one billion views on YouTube.

As you can imagine, the space between those two bookends spans all that is significant and silly about the network platform that, for better or worse, has redefined our lives. America Online (AOL), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), .GIFs, chat lingo, Hyper Text markup Language (HTML), Flash, Google, Facebook — even Double Rainbow guy — get equal billing in this gallery. But that’s only a smattering of the collection.

Take a tour here and decide for yourself if each icon is deserving or not. The public is able to vote on whether each “piece” belongs in the museum or not. Or better yet, submit your own idea.