It used to be that the only place adventure sports enthusiasts could go for media and information were a few niche magazines and MTV Sports. Thanks to the Internet, that has changed.

Now, there are endless articles and hours of media available for any sport—and opportunities to meet like-minded athletes as well. The challenge is finding it all and separating the great from the missable.


Though there are a number of dedicated sites—which we will discuss in a minute—some of the best places to connect with other adventure athletes and fans is on the largest, mostly widely used networks. Twitter, of course, tops this list.

To get the most out of Twitter—as an adventure athlete or otherwise—it’s important to connect with and follow the right people. Often, this is simply a matter of searching for the name of favorite athletes or grabbing a link from their personal websites. A great place to start is this list of 9 Inspiring Adventure Athletes You Should Be Following on Twitter.


When it comes to watching video, there is no better place for adventure sports then Vimeo. Though YouTube has, without a doubt, as much or maybe even more related content, Vimeo makes up for this by offering superior quality. Indeed, the hours of adventure sports video on the site represents some of the best of its kind ever made. Get started with the adventure sports group.


Foursquare may be most popular among urbanites interested in tracking the latest trends in their cities but the social service can be a powerful resource for adventure sports athletes too.

Whether checking in at a trail head, race start, competition waiting area, favorite surf beach, or the freshest trail on the mountain, Foursquare is a clever way to connect with friends, fellow athletes, and fans. Some adventurers are even pushing the limits of the networks reach, going for check-ins at improbable places like the South Pole.

Sport Specific Sites

In addition to the popular—albeit general—sites discussed above, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of sport-specific sites and social networks. Here are a few of the best and most useful:

When it comes to climbing, no site is as active as which allows users to list their most recent ascents on a “scorecard” that then determines a national and worldwide rank. Popular among the world’s best climbers, the site is also a great source for the latest news in the sport. Also notable is Dead Point Magazine for its video archive and both Summit Post and Mountain Project for trip reports and route descriptions.

For surfers, SwellWatch offers live surf reports for breaks around the world. The site allows users to create lists of favorites and connect with other surfers, too. For videos, and Surf Line collect some of the best from across the web.

Trail Runners can choose from a number of sites like DailyMile that allow them to log their workouts and connect with other runners but the best place to get the latest news is certainly iRunFar.

Of course, this is just a small selection of the many, many adventure sports sites and networks that are out there. If you haven’t seen the one you’re looking for yet, start searching. Just think of it as, well, an adventure.